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Dedication to development

Although we are already producing the finest made hosiery with the most innovative materials, we are constantly searching for better yarns and production methods to improve our line. Our in-house development team’s sole purpose is to experiment with new fibers, new combinations of materials, and alternative ways to manufacture.

We believe that product development is the core of every fine manufacturer’s business, and no one in our industry is more dedicated to this philosophy. This will always ensure that every Marcmarcs product you purchase is the best available.





"Quality is never an accident;
it's always the result of intelligent effort."


Quality control

In order to maintain our demanding manufacturing standards, we only produce small lots of hosiery in the finest European factories. This allows us to constantly monitor the level of quality of the products we are allowing to be shipped to our retail partners.

Products are vigorously wear tested by our staff under the most extreme circumstances to ensure your wearing experience is consistently wonderful.

When you purchase a Marcmarcs product, you can be confident we have done everything possible to make sure it feels and wears exactly as well as we claim...the best!


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