The brand

Although Marcmarcs is first being introduced for the fall season of 2006, there are generations of hosiery experience behind the development of our products. After becoming disenchanted with many of the industry’s shortcomings, the founders of Marcmarcs joined together to prove that a dedication to fine European craftsmanship and classic design is still a formula for successful business.

In a world where almost all of the hosiery manufacturers are owned by huge corporations or investment firms, we are a small privately held company that will never stray from the mission to provide our customers with the finest products available anywhere.




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"Luxury must be comfortable
otherwise it's not luxury."


Product Origin

In today’s modern world, there are many countries that can produce socks. Europe is the only region, however, that has factories with generations of experience hand crafting hosiery of the finest quality.

At Marcmarcs we believe there is no substitute for this experience, so every product we manufacture is produced in the best European factories. This enables us to make consistently superior merchandise that not only feels and looks better, but will last longer as well.

Although our products will never be the least expensive, there will always be wonderful value in anything you purchase from our line.